Jordanian labour office calls on Egyptian workers to abide by laws

Head of the Labor Office in Jordan Hassan Hammad Monday urged Egyptian laborers in the kingdom to abide by the labor laws in order to avoid deportation.

The Jordanian Ministry of Labor Sunday announced inspection campaigns to be organized in cooperation with the security bodies as of early this year which yielded the arrest of 17,744 laborers who violated the labor laws including 8,078 Egyptians, 2,500 of whom have been deported. The figure includes 9,027 Syrians and 639 of other nationalities.

In statements to MENA, Hammad said workers are not allowed to have two jobs in violation of the work permit and should renew the permit as soon as it is expired at the expense of the business owner in order to avoid inspection campaigns by the Ministry of Labor.

If the worker is deported then he is not able to work again in the kingdom before three years, he said, calling on workers to work with the job owner stated in the contract and remain with him or else be subject to deportation at once for violating article no. 12 of the labor law of Jordan.

Workers should be well aware that there is no free contract as they should abide by the professions stated in the contract as received from the Ministry of Manpower or else they will be deported at once, he said.

Workers should also obtain a work permit within 45 days of reaching the kingdom, he said.

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