Library forced to cancel forum for security heads charged with assaulting protesters

The Alexandria Library on Tuesday called off a forum it was organizing to honor security leaders who currently stand criminal trial over charges of assaulting protesters during the 25 January revolution.

About 450 activists staged a protest in front of the library after learning it was planning an honorary ceremony for some leaders from the dissolved State Security apparatus.

The forum was canceled after clashes broke out between protesters and the library's security guards, who denied them access, saying there were "thugs" among them. The protesters then demonstrated outside the library.

Ahmed Abdel Basset, head of Alexandria security, and other security leaders from the governorate were scheduled to attend the forum. Talaat al-Sadat, founder of the proposed Egypt's National Party, was also invited.

Abdel Basset, who served as Daqahlia security head during the 25 January revolution, and four of his assistants face charges of inciting the killing of protesters in Daqahlia during the revolution.

The protesters, who lined up to prevent the entry of the invitees, raised banners reading, "The people want the nation purified" and " We reject honoring State Security leaders."

Mahdi Ahmed, a member of the Coalition of Revolution Youth, said mockingly, "If State Security leaders are being honored, then should we expect Mubarak to be honored as well for killing the protesters?"

Activists from several groups participated, including the April 6 Youth Movement, the Coalition of Revolution Youth, the campaign for the support of potential presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei and other groups.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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