Libyans in Egypt protest outside Arab League; League still divided over no-fly zone

Hundreds of Libyans protested on Saturday in front of the Arab League headquarters in Cairo. They demanded that the League put pressure on Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi and impose a no-fly zone over Libya, where violence continues against revolutionaries who seized large parts in the east of the country.

Protesters also said a fact-finding committee should be formed to uncover the violations committed by Qadhafi’s forces.

Arab foreign ministers are to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the situation in Libya. While some Gulf countries are expected to press for a resolution to impose a no-fly zone, other Arab countries say such a move would hamper efforts to retrieve their citizens.

Secretary-General of the Arab League Amr Moussa supports the implimentation of a no-fly zone. He told German weekly magazine Der Spiegel that a no-fly zone would help Libyans in their struggle for freedom against a regime that disdains humanity.

Regarding what entity would impose the no-fly zone, which would require military force, he said the UN Security Council would decide.

League sources said Syria, Algeria and Yemen will reject a no-fly zone.

A delegation representing Qadhafi's government arrived in Cairo on Thursday. Egypt’s permanent delegate to the Arab League, Afifi Abdel Wahhab, said the League has taken a clear decision to suspend the participation of Libya delegations in all of its activities, be they from the regime or the opposition. Other sources speaking on condition of anonymity also said that no Libyan delegation will participate as participation would require the prior approval of the League's council.

The same sources said that the meeting will discuss whether to recognise the Libyan National Council, a transitional governing body that is currently managing the seized by the Libyan revolutionaries.

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