Massive turnout to postpone referendum results

The results of yesterday's public referendum on a package of proposed amendments to Egypt's Constitution will be declared later than scheduled dut to voter massive turnout, the chairperson of the judiciary commission supervising the process said.

Declaring the results on Sunday as planned will be difficult, Mohamed Ahmed Attiya said in a press conference on Saturday at the State Council. He described the turnout as unprecedented.

Attiya noted that some polling stations in Assuit and Qena opened late. Commenting on the delay, Attiya said that the armed forces sent military airplanes to take 80 judges supervising the vote to Assiut and Luxor. Another plane carried judges to Tanta, Damanhour and Alexandria.

"Egyptians restored their dignity after the 25 January Revolution… each citizen is now aware of the value of his vote," Attiya said, adding that the current poll will "reflect the voter's will."

A panel of constitutional experts was appointed by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to suggest changes to Egypt's Constitution after the 25 January Revolution that toppled former president Hosni Mubarak. Demands for constitutional change were voiced through wide-scale protests, specifically lifting tight restrictions on presidential candidacy and political freedoms.

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