Medical Syndicate: foreign students must have licenses to study at university hospitals

The Egyptian Medical Syndicate announced yesterday foreign doctors have to acquire licences from the Ministry of Health in order to attend training at university hospitals.

A statement by the syndicate pointed out that law 415/1954, on the practicing of medical professions, sets the condition of obtaining clearance from the ministry in order to avoid legal issues.

The Ain Shams University Hospital inquired about whether foreign doctors were allowed to receive training at its specialized units, such as sonar units and fertility sections, and the ministry replied that an approval must be acquired in advance.

In a different context, the syndicate asked Minister of Health Hatem el-Gabaly to retract his decision to transfer Monufiya University's School of Medicine graduates from health units in local villages to other spots outside of the province, only five months after their original appointments.

The syndicate said that the relocation was unjustified because the transferred doctors have no history related to public security. Sources in Monufiya had said that the relocation was probably due to security considerations.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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