Members of judiciary dismissed over real estate business

The Judicial Disciplinary Council has issued a ruling ordering the dismissal of a number of judges who face charges that may potentially tarnish the reputation and prestige of the judiciary. The judges include, among others, the head of the criminal division at a court of appeal, and a judicial adviser at a court of appeal.

The Council, which has responsibility for determining whether the conduct of a judge may be considered reason for revoking his/her judicial privileges–decided to dismiss both from their posts and force them into retirement.

Al-Masry Al-Youm has been informed that the judge was also the head of a regional judges club in Lower Egypt. Several documents and incidents proved that the first judge built up a business in selling and purchasing land and developed an extensive network of connections with brokers and lawyers.

It was also proven that he used his connections to promote his real estate projects in new cities in Cairo, Alexandria, Kafr el-Sheikh and Beheira.

Sources said the judge gained millions of pounds from his real estate business within a few years, and that the judicial adviser acted as his partner in many of the projects.

Sources also confirmed that the charges brought against the first judge reveal that he became involved in conflicts with other judges and members of the public prosecution who paid for property which they did not receive. They also revealed that the judge started his illegal business a few years ago and that other complaints have been filed against him at the public prosecution.

In October 2008 Al-Masry Al-Youm reported that the Ministry of Justice prepared a complete file on the judge following a nine-hour questioning of the judge by the complaints and investigations department. The file was then submitted to Mamdouh Marie, the Justice Minister, who decided to refer the judge to the Judicial Disciplinary Council.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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