Military council: We adminster the country but do not rule

General Mokhtar al-Molla, a member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, on Wednesday said the council administers the country but does not rule.

Al-Molla accused the remnants of the former regime and other foreign bodies of capitalizing on the “collapse” of the country by encouraging a security vacuum and enciting acts of thuggery.

He also said the council would hold a dialogue with various political forces with a view to building a “democratic Egypt” in light of various dangers besetting the country. The dialogue would address the parliamentary elections, anti-corruption methods, social justice, wages, freedoms and foreign relations.

For his part, Mohamed Fayek, vice president of the National Council for Human Rights, praised the military council for consulting with the elite before taking decisions. “This makes the people interact with the state,” he said.

The council also held a symposium, which resulted in recommending that the military draft reserve should be used for public security, that graduates of law schools should be appointed to the police force, and that the whole security apparatus should be reorganized.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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