Morsy’s nephew, 12 others referred to Criminal Court

Prosecution referred Mohamed Saeed, nephew of deposed President Mohamed Morsy, and 12 other university students to Criminal Court for allegedly attempting to murder the dean of the Zagazig Faculty of Pharmacology and rioting on campus.
Dozens of students from the faculties of pharmacology, engineering, medicine and law in Zagazig gathered in front of the pharmacology dean’s office chanting slogans against the police, military and university leaders. They demanded the release of detained students. The dean met and informed them that the demands should be resolved with security authorities. The students then allegedly attacked and insulted him. Consequently, the dean was transferred to a hospital after suffering a heart attack following the incident.
National security agency investigations revealed Morsy’s nephew's involvement along with 12 colleagues in the attack on the dean. Public Prosecution accused them of attempted murder, damaging public property, thuggery, breaking the protest law, resisting security forces and damaging university walls. All suspects have been referred to court.
Edited translation from MENA

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