Moussa calls for national security council affiliated with presidency

Egyptian presidential hopeful Amr Moussa on Monday called for granting a new president considerable constitutional powers and establishing a national security council associated with the position.

On the second day of the National Dialogue Conference, Moussa called for establishing the council, which would include the ministers of foreign affairs, interior and justice.

In Egypt's former constitution, drafted in 1971 and no longer in effect, the president was granted extensive powers, including authority over the National Defense Council.
Moussa also renewed his calls to postpone parliamentary elections until presidential elections are held first. He added that a extended interim period would compound the country's problems.
Proposals to renew Egypt's post-uprising economy were also made during the conference sessions. 
Ahmed Galal, director of an economic research forum, proposed interfering in exchange rates and making taxation more progressive.
Dina Khayyat, a financial market expert, supported issuing long-term bonds and using their benefits to set up infrastructure projects.

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