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MP demands stricter measures for ride sharing app drivers in Egypt

Egyptian MP Amal Salama, a member of the Human Rights Committee in the House of Representatives, presented a request for a briefing to the Speaker of the Parliament Hanafi al-Gebaly, addressed to the Prime Minister, regarding tightening the procedures and rules necessary to employ drivers of smartphone transportation apps operating in Egypt.

Salama said that the request for briefing comes after numerous cases of harassment and kidnapping attempts, the most recent being when a young woman in Shorouk accused a car driver of trying to harass and kidnap her.

These means of transportation are no longer safe, she added, even though it is considered one of the main means of transportation for a wide segment of citizens.

The lack of overseeing means that ride-sharing apps are failing to adhere to the Prime Minister’s decision regarding the rules and procedures necessary for drivers to obtain licenses to work in these companies, Salama said.

She noted that these companies also allow the employment of those with criminal records and who use narcotic substances.

Salama called for tightening control over smartphone transportation companies to ensure their compliance with the rules and procedures specified by the Prime Minister’s decision regarding operating rules and driver selection and periodic drug analysis.

She also stressed the need to make information about employees in these companies available to security authorities to exercise their jurisdiction in accordance with the law.

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