Nasserist party suspends dialogue with VP

The Nasserist party said in a statement today that it will not continue to dialogue with Vice President Omar Suleiman, because the regime's insistence that the president will not step down is a rejection of protesters’ demands.

Suleiman on Sunday met with representatives from parties and political groups and other independent figures to find a way out of the current political deadlock.

The statement pointed out that in his meeting with political parties on Saturday Suleiman rejected all talk of Mubarak's resignation before his term ends.

The party said that Suleiman’s position jeopardizes the very idea of dialogue and disregards protestors' demands.

The Nasserist party, the statement went on, believes the January revolution has destroyed the legitimacy of Mubarak’s regime and that the revolution genuinely represents all Egyptians.

The statement also said that the nation no longer considers the current Constitution binding and that a new, democratic Constitution must be drawn up.

The party said it wants Mubarak to relinquish power and be replaced by a ruling council, over which Suleiman and the army may preside.

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