National Salvation Front: We still reject dialogue with presidency

The National Salvation Front, the biggest liberal opposition bloc, denied news that it has accepted invitations to engage in dialogue with political powers and the presidency.

Ahmed Hassan al-Borai, a spokesperson with the NSF, told the Turkish Anadolu News Agency on Sunday that the group has no intention to sit at the negotiating table with the president.

Galal al-Mourra, secretary general of the Salafi Nour Party, said on Saturday that the party is in touch with all political powers to persuade them to engage in dialogue, after the party launched an initiative to resolve the current standoff.

He added that all political powers have, in principle, accepted participation in dialogue including the presidency, the Freedom and Justice Party, Construction and Development Party, Ghad al-Thawra and the NSF.

The NSF had rejected several presidential invitations to discuss contentious issues in the Egyptian constitution and the parliamentary elections law. The NSF also announced it is boycotting the parliamentary election that was scheduled to begin on 22 April, before an Administrative Court ruling stopping the vote was issued this month.

The Nour Party’s initiative to solve the crisis involves several steps, including forming a national unity government, amending the constitution that was drafted by an Islamist-dominated assembly and removing Public Prosecutor Talaat Abdallah, who was appointed by Morsy towards the end of 2012.

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