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Negotiator: Iran won’t accept curbs beyond 10 years

Iran will not accept any extension of sanctions relating to its nuclear program beyond 10 years, the Islamic Republic's senior nuclear negotiator said on Wednesday.
Abbas Araqchi told a televised news conference that any attempt to re-impose sanctions after they expire in 10 years would breach the agreement Iran reached with six world powers one week ago.
Araqchi was referring to a resolution the United Nations Security Council passed on Monday, endorsing the deal to curb Iran's nuclear program in return for relief from sanctions. The world powers suspected Iran was trying to create a nuclear bomb; Tehran said the program was peaceful.
The resolution allows all UN sanctions to be re-imposed if Iran violates the agreement in the next 10 years. If Iran adheres to the terms of the agreement, all the provisions and measures of the UN resolution would end in 10 years.
However, the six world powers, known as the P5+1, and the European Union told UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon earlier this month that after 10 years they planned to seek a five-year extension of the mechanism allowing sanctions to be re-imposed.
"The UN Security Council’s resolution says clearly that the timeframe of agreement is 10 years, and Iran’s case will be closed in the Security Council after that," Araqchi said.
"If the US and any other member of P5+1 say they want to adopt a new resolution after 10 years allowing sanctions to be re-imposed, it is the breach of Vienna agreement and has no credibility."

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