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‘Nemo’ clownfish species hatched for the first time in Egypt

The Head of Fish Breeding and the Hatchery Laboratory at the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF) in Alexandria, Heba Saad-Eddin, announced that Egypt has successfully begun farming a new subspecies of clownfish known as the “Nemo”.

During a phone interview with TeN satellite channel, on Monday, Saad-Eddin stated that the project was able to successfully hatch the “Nemo” clownfish for the first time in Egypt.

The clownfish is a high-priced fish that many hobbyists seek to acquire, with a small one costing upwards of LE500, she explained.

This project aims to cultivate these colorful fish, she added, in order to improve production and marketing on a large scale.

It will also work on hatching other types of freshwater fish imported from abroad, providing them locally in the market at reduced economic prices.

She added that research was published in an internationally classified journal explaining the method of hatching the fish and simplifying the process of caring for its initial larvae in the critical early stage of its life.

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