New personal status bill punishes arranging child marriage with imprisonment

The Egyptian House of Representatives’ Legislative Committee is preparing to discuss the new ersonal status bill, which punishes the arranged marriage of minors with imprisonment and a fine no less than LE50,000.

According to the bill, anyone who participates in the marriage of a child who did not reach eighteen years old at the time of marriage shall be punished with imprisonment for one year and a fine between LE50,000 and not LE200,000.

The registrar of the marriage shall be punished with the same penalty if he fails to comply with the stipulated requirements of an official marriage.

The bill also stipulates that the controller of the money or properties of a child shall be sentenced to prison and/or fined not less than LE10,000 and not exceeding LE50,000 if s/he refuses to hand over the funds or properties of the child to another guardian in accordance with the law.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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