Petroleum Minister: New expansions in refineries to increase production, link depots digitally

Petroleum Minister Tarek al-Mulla asserted that the strategy of the petroleum sector prioritizes applying digital transition programs as part of the project of developing and upgrading the sector that started in 2016.

Using digital transition in Egyptian refineries and their chemical laboratories is an original part in the strategy to have digital labs that provide precise results for the production operations.

This came during a tour of the minister on Saturday in the petroleum geographical region in Mostorod to follow up the implementation of the new expansion projects in the region.

Mulla asserted the importance of Mostorod petroleum region which is one of the most important petroleum regions in Egypt for its effective role in the system of providing fuel supplies in the local market.

Mulla said that the new depots being established in the new geographical region in Mostorod will positively contribute to increasing the production capability, adding that all the depots were linked digitally with the petroleum authority.

Mulla gave directives to finish the prioritized projects in the system of providing petroleum products in coordination and cooperation with the companies of the sector using the latest systems and advanced technologies in addition to maintaining the environment.

Mulla reiterated the importance of training and improving the skill of the human cadres.

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