PM establishes higher council for digital community

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb has ordered the establishment of a higher council for the digital community. The council, headed by the Prime Minister himself, includes the ministers of defense, communications and information technology, local development, planning, interior, justice, and the top prosecutor, as well as the head of the General Intelligence Service.
The minister of planning and administrative reform will be the rapporteur for the council.
The decision also includes the formation of an executive committee, headed by the Minister of Planning and including the Minister of Communications and a representative of the General Intelligence, based in the Ministry of Planning.
The council will be tasked with developing an integrated system to establish the rules for a national entity for the digital society, and with drafting its policies and priorities. The Council may seek the assistance of experts and security services. It should submit a monthly report to the President with the results of its work.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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