PM forms committee to prepare and study draft laws

Prime Minister Hesham Qandil has moved to form a High Committee for Legislative Affairs that would prepare and study draft laws, presidential decrees and the prime minister's resolutions.

The committee would be headed by the prime minister, and comprised of the justice minister and the chairman of the Shura Council’s Legislative Committee, as well as representatives of the president's office, the Cabinet, Parliament, the National Council for Human Rights, Al-Azhar, the Church and the assistant justice minister for legislative affairs. At least 10 legal experts and public figures would also sit on the committee.

According to the state-run news source MENA, the committee would be responsible for two main tasks.

The first would include preparing and studying draft laws, presidential decrees and resolutions made by the prime minister, and ensure that they are in accordance with existing legislation.

The other main task would consist of forming sub-committees to prepare economic, administrative and education legislation, which would include conducting community dialogue on each proposed bill.  

The committee would then submit draft laws and decisions to the Cabinet.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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