PM: Ongoing dialogue with protesters to satisfy demands

The government is currently engaged in dialogue with protesters to satisfy all the revolution’s demands, Prime Minister Essam Sharaf said in a statement on Monday.

Sharaf gave the statement during his visit to the headquarters of the State Council to congratulate Abdallah Abul Ezz on his new appointment as president of the council.

Sharaf was severely criticized by several political powers for "ignoring" calls for speedier trials of former regime figures accused of corruption and killing protesters.

On Saturday, Sharaf gave a televised address that raised doubts about how much control he has over the country’s affairs.

Interior Minister Mansour al-Essawy, for instance, said he is not obliged to implement Sharaf’s instructions to sack police officers implicated in protester killings.

The public prosecution also issued a detailed statement mentioning the names of all police officers who have been or are being questioned for alleged involved in protester deaths. The statement was seen as an attempt by the public prosecution to redirect protesters’ rage after Sharaf demanded all officers suspected of killing protesters be referred to criminal trial.

During his meeting with a delegation of revolution youth, Sharaf said he would reshuffle his cabinet. Seven to eleven ministers are expected to be replaced.

Observers say several ministers in Sharaf's cabinet are loyal to former President Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

Last week, news reports said the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces opposed Sharaf’s plan to replace some of his ministers.

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