Political committee approves 2 new parties

Egyptian authorities on Monday approved the establishment of two new political parties.

The head of the Court of Cassation's Political Parties Affairs Committee, Mohamed Metwaly, told reporters that it approved the Reform and Awakening Party and the Arab Justice and Equality Party.

Metwaly said this means the Reform and Awakening Party can launch its activities on Monday, based on the notification submitted by Ayman Morsy Zaky, who represents the party's founders.

The party is based in Alexandria. Its founders identify it as a socio-political party with an Islamic reference, and the outcome of a social reform project.

The approval for the Arab Justice and Equality Party was given following notification by Ali Freij Rashed Sallam, who represents its founders.

News reports say the party is the first to be joined by Bedouin tribes seeking involvement in organized politics after years of marginalization under the former regime.

In late March, Egypt’s ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces issued a new law on the formation of political parties, which came to replace a notorious law that included several stipulations used by the previous regime to turn down many party applications.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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