Presidency to issue decree on constitutional committee within hours

Ali Awad, advisor to the president for constitutional affairs, hosted Thursday the 10-member committee of legal experts who will amend the constitution.
The amendments will be put to a referendum after they are reviewed and approved by a 50-member committee.
The presidency will not interfere in the process of amending the constitution, said Awad, adding that interim president Adly Mansour will issue a decree calling on the 10-member committee to convene within hours.
Awad added that the committee will consult constitutions of other nations before starting its work.
He said that it was up to the committee whether to start writing a new constitution from scratch or not.
The committee will consult with political forces on the articles they want to modify, Awad added.  It will also receive proposals for amendments from them, he said.
The committee will complete its work within 30 days and then submit the proposed amendments to a 50-member committee that will find consensus on the final wording of the constitution.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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