President Sisi inaugurates national greenhouse projects at 10th of Ramadan city


President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday inaugurated a national development project on greenhouses at the 10th of Ramadan city.

The project is the largest in the world and encompasses 100,000 greenhouses, which aims to maximize economic returns through the increased production of crops while minimizing the unit of area used for planting.

Sisi said that most Egyptians cannot afford to eat organic food, and that the project aims to give all Egyptians access to these organic crops. The president praised the project’s managers, hoping more success would follow.

The first phase of the project was established on 35,000 feddans, Sisi said, adding that it cost the state a great amount and that citizens should look to this project with pride and hope.

The President added that the first phase of the project provided 75,000 job opportunities. He added that once the project was completed, across 100,000 feddans, it would provide 250,000 job opportunities overall.

Sisi instructed project managers to pay attention to the training and rehabilitation of workers, saying: “I ask the company’s managers to pay attention to training and rehabilitation and to maintain the standards in place in order to keep the same level of performance we aspire for”.

Sisi referred to other projects in the agricultural field, such as a 1.5 million feddans reclamation project and a farm across 40,000 feddans with 2.5 million palm trees to produce some of the finest dates in the world, he said.

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