Private sector wages will soon rise, says union head

The government-run Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF), the Federation of Egyptian Industires, and the chamber of commerce are close to an agreement on minimum wages for private sector workers, according to ETUF President Hussein Megawer.

Megawer added that this issue will be handled in a meeting with Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif.

Public sector workers, however, may not see a wage increase. During a labor day celebration in early May in Port Said, Megawer indicated that a minimum wage increase would not extent to public sector workers. Raising their wages, he said, would lead to inflation.

Megawer will demand the modification of wage regulations for public sector workers. According to Laws 47 and 48/1978, they are entitled to periodic seven percent bonuses.

The new draft law will be presented during the upcoming parliamentary session in December, according to the ETUF president.

The state is currently undertaking procedures to put re-nationalize the Tanta Flax and Oils Company after its private owners were found to manipulate workers, said Megawer, who added that LE1.4 billion will be added to the general budget for next July to raise the value of pensions, benefiting 3.7 million people.

Megawer went on to note that labor protests in front of parliament will not end due to “relations disturbances” between workers and their employers who evade responsibilities.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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