Protests continue in Cairo and other governorates

Protests on Wednesday demanded better wages and working conditions in Cairo and other governorates.

Graduates of Al-Azhar University staged protests demanding their appointment as assistant professors, while graduates of the Agricultural Research Institute protested before the parliament building to demand salary increases.

Meanwhile, early retirement pensioners staged demonstrations demanding the disbursement of their retirement bonuses.

Also, EgyptAir cabin crew teams staged protests, demanding that the airline be purged of corrupt management.

In the Delta village of Aziziya, residents protested the village’s lack of police security.

Temporary workers of the Mansoura Petroleum Company, for their part, staged protests and demanded permanent contracts, while train drivers of the Damietta-Sherbin line staged a sit-in demanding better wages.

Students of Mansoura Faculty of Veterinary Medicine continued their sit-in for the 58th consecutive day. They called for the dismissal of their faculty dean, while their counterparts in Alexandria demanded the resignation of the director of the city’s Veterinary Directory.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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