Public transport workers demonstrate before cabinet building

Thousands of workers of the Public Transport Authority have continued their sit-in before the cabinet building for the second week in a row, confirming that they have not interrupted their protest, even after Minister of Manpower Ahmed Hassan al-Borai met with them.

They are demanding to be affiliated with the Ministry of Transport instead of the Cairo municipality, and demand that their end-of-service payments be calculated over 100 months instead of five months, in line with workers at the Ministry of Electricity, the Railway Authority and the Petroleum Ministry.

"The authority deducts social security premiums from our salaries but does not pay them to the government,” claimed Ahmed Mostafa, a protester. “Where does the money go?”

“The authority makes money from permits to private transport companies and advertisements on public buses, but does not pay our insurance,” claimed Fouad Farouq, another protester.

The protesters also claimed that the minister had approved LE128 million in incentive rewards for the workers, but later announced that he would only disburse 60 million.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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