Radiation-polluted tanker sent back to Japan

A radiation-polluted Japanese tanker on Tuesday left the Egyptian port of Ain Sokhna on its way back to Japan amid tight security measures.

The tanker was detected 20 days ago but only left the busy dock on Tuesday.

The Red Sea Ports Authority issued a warning to importing companies that they will not be allowed to use any Red Sea port if they import commodities that are polluted with radiation.

Abdel Qader Gaballah, head of the Red Sea Ports Authority, said another radioactive Japanese tanker was returned earlier this month.

In statements to the press he said, "Since their detection, we were keen on quickly returning the two tankers to Japan."

The General Organization for Export and Import Control had seized two tankers carrying equipment polluted with radiation at the Ain Sokhna port.

The incident led the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency and the Red Sea Ports Authority to raise environmental preparedness measures at the port to quickly address the problem.

Translated from the Arabic Edition


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