Reef World Foundation names Red Sea one of the world’s best diving sites

The Reef World Foundation has chosen the Red Sea governorate as one of the best diving sites worldwide, recommending all tourists eager for a unique experience to pay a visit.

The Red Sea ranked fourth place in the foundation’s list of the nine best international diving sites.

According to the foundation, the Red Sea first attracted divers in the 1950s and has grown into one of the most famous diving destinations globally for its pure waters, colorful coral reefs, unique shipwrecks, and varied marine life.

“Sharm El-Sheikh on the north of the Red Sea has over 30 local dive sites to explore as well as different liveaboard options; dolphins, grey reef sharks, tuna and barracuda can all be spotted on dives.” the foundation said.

It also recommended Hurghada as “another great spot, particularly for wreck enthusiasts, where they can visit the incredible Thistlegorm and Giannis D sites.”

The Red Sea is also competing with the coasts of Indonesia and the Philippines for Best International Diving Tourism Destination Award for 2020, awarded every year by the UK’s Dive magazine.

“If you are following this year’s awards, you will know that they were the largest we have run so far, with 108 different destinations, and nearly 1,100 different diving centers and resort,” the magazine said.

The qualifiers are now taking place among only 25 centers, and the top ten centers will receive awards for the best diving centers in the world.

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