Revolutionary Youth Coalition supports Sabbahi for president

The Revolutionary Youth Coalition announced Monday that it will endorse Hamdeen Sabbahi for president.

The coalition called for uniting efforts against "the remnants of the ousted regime" seeking to reproduce Mubarak's regime.

The announcement was made by Sabbahi's campaign at a briefing attended by many of his supporters.

A coalition member, Nasser Abdel Hamid, said that the coalition's situation in the presidential election is the same as its situation in the parliamentary elections.

Abdel Hamid said in a briefing that the coalition does not think that the presidential election would be a magic key to solving the problems in Egypt.

The coalition is sure that Egypt is on the verge of new transitional period beginning in July and the coalition will back the winning president if he is good, even if he is not the candidate that it supports, he added.

Political activist Israa Abdel Fattah demanded that everyone supports their candidate without defaming other candidates or replying to attacks against their candidate.

"We support a civilian state and we support the candidate of the revolution, Sabbahi, who is one of us,” she said. “We will not allow a candidate of the ousted regime to be a president."

Hamdi Qandil also announced his support for Sabbahi, saying that the support of the coalition is important because they can create the future the same way they created the revolution before.

Director Khaled Youssef along with Mansour Hassan, the head of the military council’s Advisory Council, novelist Bahaa Taher, Mamdouh Hamza, George Ishaq, and author Alaa Al Aswany have all announced their support for Sabbahi.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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