Rights organization denounces abuse of civilians by military police

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information has denounced what it called excesses by the military police against civilians in Egypt, considering them blatant violations of the basic human right for a dignified treatment and freedom of expression.

The network called for an investigation into such “repressive” excesses.

In its Tuesday report, the network noted the arrests of activists and their trials before military courts. It said the most recent arrest was of 11 activists, who were detained for four days pending investigation for demonstrating before the Defense Ministry. They were referred to the military prosecution.

The report also said that the military police prevented 100 demonstrators from marching to the military council by blocking the street leading to it, but they still managed to reach their target. When they said they would stage a sit-in, the military police chased them away.

The military prosecution charged the demonstrators with vandalizing a subway station, and using violence against the armed forces.

The report condemned the military police for using violence to disperse the demonstration – which was held under the slogan “Reclaiming the Revolution” – and arrest 113 demonstrators.

Finally, the report called on the military council to cease obstructing freedom of expression and the people’s right to demonstrating peacefully.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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