Salafi Dawah head hits out at Brotherhood over renewed Egypt-Iran ties

Salafi Dawah deputy head Yasser Borhamy said that the normalization of relations between Egypt and Iran is one of the drivers of the dispute between his group and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Borhamy added that he feared the Brotherhood is neglecting the “systematic belief dispute between us and the Shias,” adding that he feared a Shia “cultural invasion” and a revival of “blasphemy” at certain sites in Egypt considered holy to Shias.

“This is historic dispute that is repeated every now and then. It started with the Iranian revolution in 1979, and beyond that,” he said during a telephone interview with the satellite channel Nour al-Hikma.

Borhamy added that the normalization of relations between Iran and Egypt would heighten the “danger,” saying that Egyptian youth would soon be able to visit Iran without a visa.  

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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