Salafis slam Brotherhood for instigations against state

The Salafi Daawa and its political arm, Nour Party, have slammed the Muslim Brotherhood for instigating Salafi supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsy against the state.
Both entities say the Brotherhood practices come at a time when the group is seeking to open channels of dialogue with the regime that ousted its former leader, Mohamed Morsy, from the presidency in 2013.
The Nour Party has been the only religiously-oriented political party that supported the post-Morsy transition, which gained it the hostility of other pro-Morsy Islamist groups.
In a statement, the Salafi Daawa accused the Brotherhood of plotting to affect its, and Nour Party’s, popularity and reputation before the next parliamentary elections through spurring its Salafi supporters to say statements that are hostile to the state.
The Salafi Daawa cited a statement Sunday by the Salafi Front, ‏a group of young Salafi activists who defected from the mainstream Salafi Dawah following the 2011 uprising, in which it called for armed struggle against the current regime on 28 November and the announcement of an “Islamic revolution”.
It urged all followers of what it called  the "Islamic current" not to be influenced by what it called the Brotherhood's politicized propaganda.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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