SCAF to issue medal for revolution’s martyrs and servicemen

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) on Sunday said it will grant a “25 January 2011 Medal” to those killed or injured during the 25 January revolution and to those who have participated in military service since then.

The SCAF also said it will give government jobs to all those injured during the revolution.

In a message on its official Facebook page on Tuesday night, the SCAF said “25 January has become a holiday because it embodies a people’s greatness and a nation’s nobility.” It went on to say that 25 January has become a day “for this generation and future generations to remember, with pride and gratitude, the sacrifices of a group of Egypt's best young people, who faced brutal oppression with their bare chests and whose pure blood  was shed in Egypt’s squares and fields to achieve freedom and dignity.”

The message described members of the armed forces as having “protected the revolution with courage and dedication throughout the year.” It praised them for having done “their best, day and night, to protect their country’s security during this difficult period,” and for having “sacrificed their lives to secure the people’s resources and the nation's gains.”

“In the name of the great Egyptian people, we offer these brave heroes a tribute of appreciation and gratitude and we grant them the 25 January medal to wear on their chests to show their pride in this great revolution and their commitment to completing its objectives,” the SCAF said.

The message was part of the SCAF’s celebrations ahead of the first anniversary of the 25 January revolution, and was preceded by the pardon of 1,955 people detained by the military, including blogger Michael Nabil.

A number of activists and revolutionary movements have called for a mass protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Wednesday 25 January, and in all major squares nationwide, to pressure the SCAF into handing over power to civilians. The SCAF has said it will not leave before the end of June.

On Saturday, the welfare fund for the revolution's victims and their families announced that it will offer compensation to the families before the anniversary.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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