Security bans Friday market, traders reject relocation

Security bodies prevented traders from holding their routine Friday Market yesterday in the Tunsi area of Basateen, Cairo. Iron barricades to block access to the market and prevent any commercial activity.

Traders, meanwhile, have rejected a decision to move the market to 15 May city on the edge of Cairo, and have insisted on staying at the old burned-down location. The market was set ablaze last week after a car fell on top of it from a nearby overpass. The accident resulted in the deaths of three young men.

Area residents are divided over the decision to relocate the market. While some see the decision as a step forward, others see it as a threat to the livelihoods of many people involved in commerce.

Scores of people assembled yesterday on the Tunsi Bridge from which the car fell, and took photos of the charred market.

The Khalifa Prosecution office have charged a number of people who blocked off the Tunsi Bridge with “illegal assembly, obstruction of a public road, and causing damage to public and private property”.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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