Seminar held on independent film industry held at Supreme Council of Culture

A seminar on the independent film industry was held under the title "Free Cinema" at the Supreme Council of Culture Wednesday as part of the activities of the Cairo International Film Festival. The seminar addressed the most important problems facing the independent cinema and not issuing permits for it since its start in 1992.

Ahmed Saad Eddin ran the symposium. Sherief Mandor, Atef Shoukry, Neveen Shalaby, Shady Anany, Ahmed Salim, Ahmed Souny, Ahmed Zayan and Osama Gharib attended the event. 

The idea of ​​independent cinema began at the hands of chairman of the cinematic professions Mossad Fouda. A committee has been formed including Hefzy, Shalaby, Shoukry, Mandour and Souny to address all the problems of independent film makers and engaging them in major film forums.

Within days, a protocol between the union and the Ministry of Youth will be conducted in addition to conducting a protocol with the Japanese Embassy to support the independent film industry.

Shoukry, head of the National Center for Independent Cinema, said the genre of independent films have imposed itself on the Egyptian arena although a large number of the staff faces many problems because they are not enrolled at the syndicate.

"They face problems of extracting permits for example," he added. 

He added that they are currently working on removing any obstacles facing the industry in the future.

"We are working on removing any obstacles facing the industry in the future and giving them logistical support like helping in the production of their films through equipment and cameras," said Shoukry. He stressed that the center has produced a large number of films that exceeded 15 films.

Zayan, supervisor of the Swedish film "Under the Foot of the Pyramid", said he had the support of the syndicate's captain in getting permissions by the armed forces, general intelligence and police.

The future will be for independent cinema in the whole world, Zayan added.

Shalaby, a director, said the majority of her films were independent. International forums can support projects by youth, but unfortunately some youth do not know how to participate in international forums, Shalaby added. 

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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