September to witness first popular trial of education minister

The Independent Teachers Syndicate will hold the first popular trial, a mock court proceeding, of the Minister of Education on 15 September at one of the journalists syndicate locations.

The date of the trial, which is expected to last three hours, coincides with the anniversary of the syndicate's creation.

A syndicate statement invited students, parents, and teachers to attend the event, where prominent education experts will deliver speeches. The trial is the business of every citizen, the statement said, not only teachers.

The statement stressed the need for a clear education strategy. A collapse of the educational system, it added, would threaten the country’s future and security.

The syndicate's founders claim to have attracted 5000 of Egypt's roughly one million teachers. The by-laws of the new syndicate demand a minimum wage of LE1200, the improvement of working conditions in public schools, and the amendment of Egypt's education law. Founders of the new syndicate adamantly support change in the existing power structure.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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