Sisi shares Iftar banquet with personnel of east Suez Canal checkpoints

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday inspected security checkpoints east the Suez Canal, where he shared an Iftar banquet with army personnel of the counter-terrorism command, as well as the second and third field armies.

Marking the anniversary of the 10th of Ramadan victories, Sisi, accompanied by Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense and Military Production Mohamed Zaki, and Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Osama Askar, inspected the military checkpoints to check on the morale, living and administrative conditions of the army personnel while performing their duties.

Sisi praised the preparedness and combat readiness of the Armed Forces, expressing his appreciation for their efforts and sacrifices to preserve the security of the homeland and the safety of its territories.

The President then visited the Eastern Canal Military Command’s permanent operations center to fight terrorism, where he listened to a thorough description of the goals and decisions made in connection with the integrated development process that the Egyptian state is carrying out in all facets of life in Sinai to create a secure environment once things return to normal.

He also met with commanders, officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers there, hailing their efforts to maintain security and stability in Sinai.

Sisi praised the brave police officers and armed forces soldiers for their heroic efforts in eradicating terrorism, purifying Sinai’s lands, and restoring daily life so that its residents can lead a good and normal life.

He hailed the nation’s righteous martyrs who gave their lives in defense of the homeland’s soil. “The state will never forget its martyrs who illuminated the path of development and construction with their blood.”

In addition, the President expressed gratitude to the people of Sinai who, together with their Armed Forces, had a significant impact on creating a secure environment that allowed the government to carry out mega development projects in a variety of fields in Sinai.

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