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Sphinx Intl Airport to serve one-day Cairo visitors with day-trips to Pyramids

Egypt’s new Sphinx International Airport (SPX), which lays on the outskirts of Cairo, will aim to facilitate one-day trips for tourists visiting the Pyramids of Giza, and the Grand Egyptian Museum which is set to open its doors in summer 2018, Minister of Civil Aviation Sherif Fathy said earlier this week.

The airport began its “experimental operation” in January, Fathy said, adding that it is set to receive flights in summer 2018.

Built west of Cairo, on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road in Giza, the airport was constructed by the Egyptian Consultancy Company at a cost of LE 300 million, with the intention of easing pressure – both air traffic and passenger numbers – on Cairo’s main international airport.

It has been dubbed the “300-passenger airport” for its accommodation capacity per hour.

Fathy said in earlier statements that the establishment of the Sphinx International Airport can help achieve “strategic goals,” and hopes it can later expand its use to accommodate cargo services.

Stephanie Kruch, a Danish tourist currently planning her trip to Egypt shared her views, saying “this [is] a great move, knowing Cairo’s jammed streets, much of the day is wasted in traffic.”

She continued, “having an airport right next to two iconic touristic spots is a time-saver, we can pay a visit and hop on to our next flight somewhere else around Egypt.”

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