Striking microbus drivers reach agreement

Microbus drivers would pay 20 percent the value of fines imposed on them in return for six-month temporary permits under an agreement reached on Wednesday, the second day of their strike, a security source said.

Microbus owners can file a complaint for the remaining amount, in accordance with procedures set by the law.

The source added that it was also decided that fines for violations would be imposed on whoever had been driving the microbus at the time rather than the owners of the vehicles.

About 500 microbus drivers had protested at the Darrasah Traffic Department to demand that existing fines levied against them be waived. They said that police officers have fabricated tickets to collect fines on traffic violations.

They also demanded the cancellation of the toll system and health insurance.

Drivers blocked the Salah Salem Road and the Ahmed Helmy Tunnel in Cairo with their vehicles to pressure those concerned to meet their demands.

Central Security Forces rushed to the scene to try to control the situation and persuade drivers to reopen the road.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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