Sudanese minister calls on SPLM to work toward unity

Sudanese Minister for Sport and Youth Haj Majid Siwar said Khartoum will support the southern Sudanese government in becoming a powerful nation if the south votes for separation in the impending referendum, slated for 9 January.

Siwar, however, said the ruling National Conference Party calls on the Sudan People's Liberation Movement, the rebel movement turned political party that governs the semi-autonomous south, to review its previous position and work toward unity in accordance with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

Although the SPLM hasn't yet issued any official statement supporting secession, Siwar added, it is strengthening its partnership with the Sudanese government, playing the role of both government and opposition simultaneously.

Siwar said the 2005 accord which ended war between the north and the south aims to pre-empt international intervention through achieving peace and unity. The minister also called on the SPLM to drive Darfuri armed groups out of Juba, the capital of Sudan Sudan.

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