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Summer Weekend Getaway: Sokhna resorts

No weekend plans? For anyone outside of the education sector, it’s going to be a long hot summer in the city… but there’s no reason you can’t disappear for the weekend! June, July and August Thursdays are dedicated to just that – weekend getaways or local destinations that can get you out of the summer slump and refresh your mind, body and spirit for yet another week of work.

We start with Ain Sokhna – a new discovery for me and a relatively near destination, worth driving to for the weekend or even for the day. (The hour and a half it takes to get there could just as easily be your daily commute in traffic.)

Ain Sokhna has a number of destinations – you can check into the Ramada for a lower budget option, day use is offered at LE250 per person from 10 am-6 pm and comes with an open buffet lunch. If you are at least two, the rate will get you a chalet as well – offering a place to change or go to the bathroom. If you choose to spend the night, a double room runs at LE900. Ramada Telephone: 062-329-0510

Other options include Stella di Mare, which only offers day use during the week. On the weekends, a night half board costs LE870-990 for a double room. If you’re spending the night, Stella is much likely a better option because the quality of the rooms is higher than that of Ramada.  Stella di Mare Telephone: 062-325-0100

If you’d rather look elsewhere, check out the Palmera Beach Resort. The weekend day use rate there is LE180 per person, which includes a set menu lunch and use of the beach and the pool  from 10  am-6 pm. If you’d like a room for day use, you’ll have to pitch in an extra LE180 and to spend the night on the weekend, the rate is LE 600 for a double room. Palmera Beach Resort Telephone: 062-341-0817

The weather in Ain Sokhna can be a little hot – this weekend's temperatures are estimated at around 32 degrees Celsius – so bring sunscreen, especially for your children. Children are likely to enjoy the resorts in this area because often the tide is very low and they can splash around in the water supervised but on their own.

Road advice

The road to Ain Sokhna turns off from the Katameya Road a couple kilometers after Carrefour (if Carrefour is on your right). The road costs LE 5 at the toll station and only has one gas station in the middle, so fill up before you leave. The resorts can be found toward the end of the 120-km road. The radio cuts out approximately 40 km along the road so bring along alternate sources of music if you don’t want to drive in silence. The speed limit on the Ain Sokhna road is 120 km per hour, and although the police stops for speeding on the Ain Sokhna road have yet to appear since the revolution, it is likely that this weekend they will start to be up in full force.

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