Tagammu Party to form coalition with Sufis and liberals

Leftist Tagammu Party Vice President Samir Fayyad said on Monday that his party is planning to form a coalition with various liberal forces and moderate religious trends.

The party withdrew from the Democratic Coalition earlier this week after the coaltion failed to denounce Islamists for chanting religious slogans during the mass protest of 29 July.

“The Sufis are the most moderate religious group,” he said. “And we will have more than 20 liberal parties in the coalition.”

Meanwhile, the absence of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party from the Democratic Coalition’s meeting on Sunday raised questions over the coalition's cohesiveness in the wake of the controversy over religious slogans.

However, Amr Derag of the Freedom and Justice Party said the secretary general could not attend the meeting because he was sick.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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