Talaat Sadat to forfeit parliamentary immunity

In a closed session Sunday, parliament’s legislative committee approved a request by the justice minister to revoke parliamentary immunity from MP Talaat Sadat so the latter can be investigated for allegedly taking bribes in return for granting a license to a travel agency.

Sadat claims the case is an attempt by the Interior Ministry to tarnish his reputation. Committee chairman Amal Othman, however, has stated that the documents presented by Sadat to acquit himself were doctored.

Tourism Ministry Undersecretary Samia Maher said she was present when Sadat met with the tourism minister and asked him to grant a license to a local travel agency owned by one of his relatives.

Committee member Omar Haridi said he planned to file an interpellation to the Ministry of Tourism requesting an explanation as to why the license had been initially approved.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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