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Tamara Wearable Art: Made with love

Tamara Wearable Art is a new fashion line that was launched earlier this year by young designer Dina Fahmy. The young artist has started her career with a line of embroidered cotton shirts perfect for Cairo weather and the new lifestyles of young women.

What makes the Fahmy's line of clothing different from the rest of the fashion pack is that each garment is hand made by the designer herself, offering customers a truly individual design each time and plenty of attention to detail.

Fahmy comes from a reputable family in the textile business and has an artistic passion. “I paint and know how to do several kinds of handmade stitches like crochet and petit point,” says the young designer.

It all started when Fahmy began redesigning her own shirts to make them stand out.

Tamara Wearable Art has been Fahmy’s dream for a long time: “I needed an outlet where I can combine my creative skills and marketing education,” explains Fahmy.

Tamara’s essence is uniqueness: “I wanted a project that would be different from all the other small businesses that were emerging all over Egypt,” says the young mother. As she strived for uniqueness, Fahmy was certain that other girls out there would appreciate her affordable, one-of-a-kind handmade items.

All shirts and blouses bearing the Tamara label are cut from high-quality cotton, while the embroidery and the ornaments make use of a wide range of materials.

As the designer says, “I would make use of anything around me that would make my design both creative and elegant.” The designs include Egyptian coins, beads, crochet patterns, flowers and all kinds of embroidery.

According to Fahmy, there is a story behind every shirt. “Life inspires me," she says. "Day-to-day interactions with people, my kids, family and friends… Coming up with a satisfying idea may take a couple of hours, and once I am happy with the design, the implementation takes another three to four hours.”  

The main concept behind Tamara Wearable Art is to provide wearable and unique pieces of art – generally with an oriental flavor – at affordable prices. The cost per summer shirt ranges between LE120 and LE200.

“Owning a piece designed by Tamara gives you confidence that no one else has the same piece of wearable art,” says the designer, adding that lots of love and energy goes into every item to make the customer look and feel special, vibrant, happy and cheerful.

As for her target market, Fahmy says that her clients are all women from 20 to 45 years old who appreciate oriental heritage and unique, handmade garments, scarves and bags.

You can order your own piece of Tamara Wearable Art from the Facebook page:

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