Teacher who cut students’ hair sentenced to six months

The Luxor Misdemeanor Court on Tuesday sentenced a teacher to six months in prison, suspended for three years, for cutting the hair of two unveiled students.

The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood filed a complaint with the public prosecutor accusing the teacher of using violence against pupils in violation of the Child’s Law.

In October, Eman Abu Bakr Ahmed, a teacher at Al-Haddadeen School in Luxor, ordered two female sixth graders to cover their heads and warned them that she would cut their hair if they did not. The following day, Ahmed brought a pair of scissors and cut the girls’ hair.

Ahmed’s lawyer said that the ruling was very tough and would be challenged.

Ahmed told Al-Masry Al-Youm on 17 October that she had no political affiliations and had not expected a reaction to what she did.

The Luxor Education Department took disciplinary action against Ahmed following the incident, referring her to the legal affairs office, depriving her of a month’s payment, and transferring her to another school.

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