Thousands protest throughout Egypt on occasion of 25 January anniversary

Tens of thousands of people held demonstrations in numerous governorates on Wednesday to commemorate the first anniversary of the 25 January revolution. Protesters demanded the handover of power to civilians and swifter trials for those involved in the killings of martyrs.

In North Sinai, 300 people blocked the road between the cities of Rafah and Sheikh Zuwaid, set fire to car tires, and prevented vehicles from reaching the port of Rafah. They demanded compensation for martyrs' families. In the city of Arish, three demonstrations demanded an end to the military rule and declared their solidarity with Tahrir Square protesters.

In Qalyubiya, hundreds of activists from revolutionary groups and coalitions staged protests in public squares and urged citizens to go to Tahrir Square. People carried banners demanding a speedy power transfer to civilians and an expedited presidential election.

April 6 Youth Movement spokesperson Mahmoud Afifi said that the movement organized marches from Qalyubiya to Tahrir, and that they distributed 30,000 leaflets demanding the handover power to civilians.

In Minya, the April 6 Youth Movement and the 25 January Revolutionary Youth Coalition staged a demonstration in which hundreds participated. They called for the formation of revolutionary courts to punish those who killed demonstrators.

Minya governor Serag al-Ruby has limited official events, which are to take place on Thursday, to those honoring martyrs and the injured.

In Luxor, hundreds of revolutionary youth gathered at Abu al-Hajaj square in commemoration of the revolution. They raised banners reading, "Where is the right of the martyr? It has been a year since his death," and "Retribution for martyrs' blood."

Victor Wahbi, general coordinator of the 25 January Revolutionary Youth Coalition, said that coalition members agreed not to lead the demonstration outside the square, in order to prevent clashes between demonstrators and provocateurs.

In the governorate of Beni Suef, hundreds organized demonstrations toward the city of Beni Suef and held up banners demanding a faster timetable for presidential elections, the handover power to the People's Assembly speaker, an end to military rule, and justice for martyrs.

In New Valley, a number of activists protested at Basateen Square in the city of Kharga. They handed out a statement calling for the achievement of the revolution's goals.

In Sharqiya Governorate, about 1,000 members of the April 6 Youth Movement and the National Assembly for Change gathered in Ahmed Orabi Square in the city of Zagazig to demand the military's departure. Demonstrators distributed a statement calling on university students and professionals to support their demands, which include speedy trials for those who killed protesters during revolution.

In Ismailia, demonstrators demanded freedom and social justice, while in Daqahlia, protesters shouted slogans against the Muslim Brotherhood and engaged in arguments with members of the group.

In Port Said, around 4,000 gathered to chant slogans against Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi. In Assiut, protesters also chanted against the head of the ruling military council.

Demonstrations were also held in Damietta, Gharbiya, Kafr el-Sheikh, Beheira, Monufiya and Aswan, where thousands demanded justice for martyrs.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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