Three persons dead, 11 injured in 3 crashes in Beheira

A farmer, student and driver were all killed and another 11 inured on Tuesday in three different crashes in Kom Hamada, Wadi al-Natron and Damanhur cities of Beheira Governorate.

Kom Hamada police station reported that the 35-year-old driver lost control of the steering wheel of a tok tok and collided with a bus on Al-Tawfkyaal al-Khattatba Road, resulting in the death of the driver and a student sitting beside him in the tok tok.

Wadi al-Natron police station reported that an agricultural tractor has turned over on Imam Malik Waterway in front of al-Tabarani village, resulting in the death of the tractor driver.

The driver’s body was transferred to One Day Surgeries Hospital in Wadi al-Natrun.

Meanwhile, Damanhur police station reported that a microbus driver lost control of the steering wheel and collided with the back of another vehicle, resulting in the injury of the driver and 10 passengers, which included nine female students in the Faculty of Arts at Damanhur University.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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