Tourism minister inspects latest developments at GEM

Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Ahmed Eissa on Saturday toured the Grand Egyptian Museum to check on the latest developments and the executive position for the remaining works there.

The tour included the Statue of King Ramses II, the main lobby, the grand staircase, and exhibition halls, of which 95 percent of the work has been completed.

Assistant Minister for Archaeological Affairs Al Tayyeb Abbas reviewed the display scenario for the halls, which revolves around three main topics: society, monarchy and the afterlife, starting from prehistoric times until the Greco-Roman era.

The minister also attended the installment process of the tomb of Hanu; one of five tombs from the Old Kingdom and First Intermediate eras that were recently uncovered during excavations carried out on the northeastern side of King Merenre Pyramid in Saqqara necropolis.

The minister finished his tour by visiting King Khufu’s solar boat museum, where he was given a detailed explanation of the museum’s latest developments.

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