Train conductor who forced passengers to jump from train remanded for 15 days

On Thursday, the Tanta Prosecutor’s Office decided to renew the detention of a train conductor 15 days pending investigation into charges that he forced two passengers to jump off the moving train, leading to one of their deaths.

Mohamed Eid, 23, a vendor, jumped to his death from a moving train on Monday following a quarrel with the conductor after he couldn’t afford the ticket price to Cairo. The conductor allegedly forced the vendor to jump out of the train along with his colleague Ahmed Samir, 25 after they told him they had no money.

The conductor reportedly confessed to forcing the victims out of the train during police investigations. However, he pleaded not guilty during Public Prosecution investigations that started on Monday.

Eyewitnesses and preliminary police investigations said that the two victims refused to pay the tickets, so the conductor forced them to jump off the train while it was moving. The second victim, Samir, sustained serious injuries.

Videos of the quarrel between the conductor and the victims as well as videos made by eyewitnesses recounting the incident went viral on social media last night.

The first video released showed an old man on his phone reporting the incident to the police and arguing with police officers about it.

Other videos featured more witnesses asserting that they saw the conductor kicking the two boys out of the moving train after the passengers did not pay for the ticket or the fine.

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