Two former National Democratic Party MPs join Wafd Party

The Wafd Party has decided to accept as members two former National Democratic Party (NDP) members of parliament, namely Omar Refaei and Ahmed Shearawy, as well as the dean of Zagazig University’s Medical School, Saad Sabry al-Esh, and Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb’s adviser Professor Ahmed Dora.

Ismaili Club President Raafat Abdel Azeem also recently joined the Wafd Party, saying his decision to join was based on the sincerity with which the party deals with political work.

The two former NDP members of parliament joined the party just days after former MPs Alaa Abdel Moneim and Mostafa al-Gendy of the supreme body of Al-Wafd Party announced they were freezing their memberships. Their decision came after the Wafd Party decided not to join in the “Correcting the Path” protest last  Friday.

Actress Samira Ahmed also announced the freezing of her membership for the same reason.

Gendy told Al-Masry Al-Youm that “the addition of the dissolved party’s MP’s is by all accounts a disaster, as it is not appropriate for the Wafd Party to become a cover for the NDP’s MPs.”

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