Woman and baby killed in election violence in Qousiya

Elections violence continued in Assuit's Qousiya, with the death of a mother and her two-year-old baby following clashes between candidates' supporters on Monday.

A longtime power feud between the families of Montasser and al-Hasasna developed into a shootout that lasted for two hours.

One member of the Montasser clan fired bullets indiscriminately at al-Hasasna houses, killing the woman and her infant as she stood on her balcony.

Security forces cordoned off the homes of the battling sides and detained a number of individuals.

On the same day, hundreds of supporters of the NDP candidate for the professional seat, Salah Abdel Rahim, stormed the party's headquarters in Qouisya, setting the building ablaze and destroying furniture, after learning of their candidate's defeat.

The same rioters obstructed the main road, holding off passers-by with clubs and knives, chanting anti-NDP slogans, and accusing the ruling party of vote rigging.

Security forces stepped in and surrounded the party's office.

The same constituency witnessed violent tussles between supporters and security forces, who relied on tear gas and live ammunition to disperse protesters. Seven persons were injured.

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